Friday, May 28, 2010

British Sources on Canadian Legal History

The Legal Studies Group of the British Association for Canadian Studies announces the seminar, In Search of the Sources: Canadian Legal History in British Collections, to be held at Canada House, London, 24th June 2010, 14:00 - 17:00. Here’s the announcement:
The historical development of Canada, from colonies to nation, means that many of its most important early historical sources reside in British repositories. An examination, or in some cases a re-examination, of these materials is essential to a proper understanding of the Canadian past. It is evident, however, that in many important areas, Canadian writers have not had access to, or known of, these essential source materials, scattered as they are across the collections of a number of institutions of which the relevance is not always obvious. The seminar will bring together archivists and researchers to identify and explore these hidden sources, to evaluate how they relate to each other, their uses in research, and the methodological issues arising from their use. It aims to promote and enhance the use of Canadian sources of legal history in British Collections and to build links between interested archivists and researchers.
Hat tip.