Friday, May 21, 2010

Comment feature changed -- no registration required

Dear readers,

Readers do not often comment on LHB posts, and one of the reasons is that registration has been required, either through Open ID or creating a Google account. But this has meant that great posts calling for comments, like Karen Tami's posts here and here, and a recent query from Emily Kadens, receive few or no comments.

To open things up a bit, I'm trying out open, but moderated, comments. This means that anyone can comment, even anonymously, but there will be a delay before posting, and spam or otherwise inappropriate comments will not be approved. Comments have to be moderated, because most comments are spam -- they're from folks seeking links to shady commercial sites on this blog and anyplace they can get it, presumably because traffic to their site enhances their business, and clicks through on their site generate revenue.

Opening up comments will generate even more spam, but will also make it easier for you. I'll spare you the technical details, but I'll try this for the next week, and see if this new set-up makes it more likely that you will join in, but also doesn't generate too many headaches on my end. If we don't hear from you, only from the spammers, I'll change the settings back again.

Please note: comments criticizing scholarship discussed on the blog are fair game, but are more likely to be approved if they are not anonymous.

Please join in!