Monday, May 10, 2010

Kagan Roundup

Updated periodically all day today.
For readers following the news that Elena Kagan has been nominated by President Obama to replace Justice Stevens on the Supreme Court, here are a few helpful links. I will update with more as this develops on Monday.

The best place for breaking news on the Court, including the nomination, is SCOTUS Blog.

A useful profile appears in the NY Times.

Mark Tushnet and others are discussing Kagan's scholarship on Balkinization. Tushnet and others are discussing Kagan's nomination on "Airtalk" (NPR radio).

Guy-Uriel Charles, Anupam Chander, Luis Fuentes-Rohwer, and Angela Onwuachi-Willig question Kagan's record related to hiring and diversity while Dean at Harvard, and Elizabeth Nowicki makes a similar point. This is a fair point about HLS hiring practices, but I tend to agree with Dan Markel on this: "the dean of HLS (like other law schools) cannot simply appoint persons to the faculty of her choosing. There's a sausage factory hiring process usually influenced if not controlled by an appointments committee," etc.

Dan Filler quotes Kagan on the confirmation process.

Diane Amann at IntLawGrrls reads the tea leaves on Kagan and International Law.

Rick Hanson explores what we know about Kagan and election law, and concludes that it's not much.

Ann Althouse takes up the implications (or not) of Kagan's testimony when nominated to be Solicitor General for the likelihood that she would find a constitutional right to same-sex marriage.

The Alliance for Justice has a a report on Kagan, suggesting that "her scholarship and statements suggest an expansive view of presidential power," and that she is "a strong believer in the role stare decisis plays in reproductive rights policy." There's more.

Lee Epstein discusses the nomination on NPR.

Note: There is of course more. I'm trying to include helpful, non-catty, non-repetitive links, especially posts with info on various substantive areas.