Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Suggestions, Please!

Emily Kadens, a former guest blogger who teaches at University of Texas School of Law, asks for the help of “the collective wisdom of the readers of the Legal History Blog” on behalf of the students in the legal history reading course she’ll be teaching next fall. Each student, it seems, is to recommend a book for the class in their “expressed area of interest.” The areas are quite far ranging:

Ancient and medieval Roman law
Medieval canon law
Medieval or early modern English common law
Pre-modern Chinese law
Islamic family law
African law
Early modern Russian law

Professor Kadens writes that “It would be a huge help to the students to hear recommendations from a variety of experts on their favorite books. Our parameters are: books published since 1985, books under about 300 pages, non-surveys, and books that are well written and accessible to non-specialists.”

Any assistance, in the comments, will, I’m sure, be much appreciated.