Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Author's Query: ASLH History

We don’t usually carry (or even get) author’s queries, but I was intrigued by one from Williamjames Hull Hoffer, Seton Hall University, which just went out over H-Law on the history of the American Society for Legal History. Hoffer is particularly eager to learn about “the membership and leadership of the ASLH over its existence. Has there always been a large majority of law professors both in the membership and in leadership positions?” He also asks whether there are any histories of the Society he should know about?

It happens that the University of Illinois does hold a collection of much more could be said from oral histories and a search of file cabinets and hard drives. As told to me, the modern era started when some ringleaders–most of them history PhD’.s--piratically commandeered a genteel society of antiquarian Philadelphia lawyers. Doubtless a sober history would be less swashbuckling.

Professor Hoffer may be contacted at Williamjames.Hoffer@shu.edu

Hat tip: H-Law