Friday, October 1, 2010

D.C. Area Legal History Roundtable

[I'm moving up this post, for next week's Roundtable, because all four papers are now available here, albeit only to attendees. If you would still like to attend, you may by rsvping to ]

The D.C. Area Legal History Roundtable is an informal gathering of scholars who live or work in and around Washington, D.C. It first met in 2006 at George Washington University Law School and later at the law schools of American University, Catholic University of America, George Mason, and Georgetown University.

This semester the Roundtable returns to the Georgetown University Law Center for the session Nationality and Freedom in American Legal History on Friday, October 8. The following papers are on the playbill:

The Republic of Indian Stream: Frontier Constitutionalism
Robert Tsai, American University, Washington College of Law

One Court's Freedom Fighter Is Another Court's Terrorist: Extradition, Asylum, and Political Crimes, 1885-1915
Katherine Unterman, Yale University

Biological Weapons, Pandemic Disease, and Quarantine Law in the United States
Laura K. Donohue, Georgetown University Law Center

Civil Liberties and Civil Rights in the Hughes Court
Mark V. Tushnet, Harvard Law School

More information is here. If you plan to attend the Roundtable, please contact and indicate whether you will be joining us for lunch. There is no charge for this event.