Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lawrence Friedman Delivers the Childress Lecture

St. Louis University Law's press release, Legal Scholars Attend Richard J. Childress Memorial Lecture, reports on Lawrence Friedman's address, "Front Page: Notes on the Nature of the Headline Trial."
The Saint Louis University School of Law welcomed former SLU LAW professors back to campus and several other distinguished legal scholars as part of the annual Richard J. Childress Memorial Lecture held Friday, Sept. 24. The annual lecture aims to contribute to the discussion of pressing public law issues at the law school by bringing world-renowned scholars to SLU LAW.

This year, the lecture focused on a celebration of legal history with the keynote presentation provided by Stanford University Marion Kirkwood Rice Professor of Law Lawrence M. Friedman, a distinguished legal historian and former SLU LAW professor.

Friedman is a pioneer in the field of legal history, which fosters the study of the law from a historical perspective and the understanding of social history through the legal system.

Friedman presented his address entitled "Front Page: Notes on the Nature of the Headline Trial," to a standing-room-only crowd in the School of Law Courtroom which included students, faculty, alumni and other legal professionals. The lecture explored historic criminal trials that have aroused great public interest and examined the reasons why the trials attracted such wide interest.

The press release aptly observes that St. Louis University was the first job for many American legal historians.