Friday, February 4, 2011

Kondakov on the History of Sexual Minority Discrimination in Russia

An Approach to the History of Sexual Minority Discrimination in Russia has been posted by Alexander A. Kondakov, Center for Independent Social Research.  It appeared in Sortuz: Oñati Journal of Emergent Socio-Legal Studies, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp.22-29, 2008.  Here's the abstract:

In the beginning of this October the First International Gay Movies Festival “Side by Side” supposed to be held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The organizers reported about three thousand viewers to attend it. Film-makers from the USA, Germany, Kazakhstan and other countries came to “the northern capital of Russia” to present their movies. The director of TEDDY Foundation Klaus Mabel Aschenneller supposed to be the head of the jury. Russian GLBT-community welcomed the Festival very much as the sign of “wind of change” that would bring freedom to the Russian queers. The Festival considered to be another step in fighting for their rights. Well, nothing happened. The Fest was abandoned by the authorities. On the day of the Festival opening all clubs and movie-theaters, that provided place for it, were closed. It was held in secrecy with just about two hundred viewers. In my article I try to understand the background of such intolerance that the Russian authorities are possessed. I guess the best way to achieve the goal is to review the legislative base concerned the representatives of sexual minorities in Russia. Step by step I try to restore all the changes of legal acts that were whenever issued in Russia to condemn homosexuality.