Monday, February 21, 2011

OAH Election Results

The Organization of American Historians has announced its election results. They are:


Alice Kessler-Harris, R. Gordon Hoxie Professor of American History, Department of History and Institute for Research on Women and Gender, Columbia University


Albert M. Camarillo, Miriam and Peter Haas Centennial Professor in Public Service and Professor of History, Stanford University

Vice President

Alan M. Kraut, University Professor of History, American University

Executive Board

Michele Mitchell, Associate Professor of History, New York University
Elizabeth Clark-Lewis, Professor of History, Howard University
Peter Kolchin, Henry Clay Reed Professor of History, University of Delaware

Nominating Board

David Waldstreicher, Professor of History, Temple University
Linda Gordon, Professor of History, New York University
Bruce A. Ragsdale, Director, Federal Judicial History Office, Federal Judicial Center.


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