Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekend Round-up

  • How should writers respond to criticism? Can "extreme negative reviews" be, in author Tao Lin's words, "helpful," "fun," and "interesting"? Find food for thought here and here. (Hat tip: bookforum)
  • We spend lots of time thinking about what to write. Should we also be thinking about what not to write? Over at Prawsblawg, Lyrissa Lidsky makes the case.
  • The history of deinstitutionalization in the mental health context contains lessons for current efforts to reduce mass incarceration. So argues Bernard Harcourt in a recent Balkinization post.
  • Over at the Chronicle of Higher Ed, Julie Miller Vick and Jennifer Furlong discuss what faculty members can do to make graduate students aware of non-academic career options and to help them succeed in alternative paths.
  • In memory of Executive Order 9066, signed 69 years ago today, Eric Muller uses an archival find to reflect on "the sorry roles that American lawyers played in setting up, operating, and defending the system of racial and ethnic oppression." You can find his post here, at the Faculty Lounge.
The Weekend Round-up is a weekly feature compiled by all the Legal History bloggers.