Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Darrow Goes Digital

New (to me) is the Clarence Darrow Digital Collection of the University of Minnesota Law Library. The Library explains:
The University of Minnesota Law Library is pleased to provide access to an extensive body of information about the great American jurist Clarence Darrow. The site includes an extraordinary collection of personal letters written by and to Clarence Darrow. These letters include correspondence with Darrow's family members as well as with many other prominent individuals who influenced the development of American law during the first half of the 20th Century. In addition, the site has sections focused on both Darrow's famous and lesser known trials. Incorporated throughout the site is commentary about a wide variety of political and social issues that were of importance to Clarence Darrow professionally and personally. The site contains a rich and unique array of material including trial transcripts, cases, articles, books, photos, and narratives about Clarence Darrow's life and legal career.

This site provides access to a free, publicly accessible Searchable Database of Darrow Cases. Courtesy of Westlaw from Thomson-Reuters, this database contains all published state and federal cases in which Clarence Darrow or his law firm is listed as counsel for one of the parties. The database also contains all published state and federal cases that quote or refer to Clarence Darrow. This database will be periodically updated.
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