Friday, March 18, 2011

Feb. 2011 issue of Law & History Review is out

A belated post to note that the February 2011 issue of the Law & History Review is out.

Articles include:
  • R. W. Kostal (University of Western Ontario), "The Alchemy of Occupation: Karl Loewenstein and the Legal Reconstruction of Nazi Germany, 1945–1946" (abstract)
  • Douglas Howland (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee), "Sovereignty and the Laws of War: International Consequences of Japan's 1905 Victory over Russia" (abstract)
  • Joanna Carraway (Rockhurst University), "Contumacy, Defense Strategy, and Criminal Law in Late Medieval Italy" (abstract)
  • Sally Hadden (Western Michigan University) and Patricia Hagler Minter (Western Kentucky University), "A Legal Tourist Visits Eighteenth-Century Britain: Henry Marchant's Observations on British Courts, 1771 to 1772" (abstract)
The issue also features a Forum titled "From the Twelve Judges to the Court for Crown Cases Reserved." Contributors include:
  • James Oldham (Georgetown Law), "Informal Lawmaking in England by the Twelve Judges in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries" (abstract)
  • Randall McGowen (University of Oregon), "Forgery and the Twelve Judges in Eighteenth-Century England" (abstract)
  • Phil Handler (University of Manchester School of Law), "The Court for Crown Cases Reserved, 1848-1908" (abstract)
Allyson May (University of Western Ontario) and Benjamin Berger (University of Victoria) commented.

In the Book Reviews section you can find reviews of new work by James Donovan, Laurence Fontaine, Etienne Jaudel, Susan Reynolds, Abigail Firey, Lisa Ford, Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Beverly Gage, Craig Robertson, Brian McGinty, M. H. Hoeflich, Jedediah Purdy, and Johann Neem.

The full TOC is here.

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