Friday, March 1, 2013

Changing of the (Guest Blogger) Guard: Welcome, Benjamin Coates!

We have been thrilled to have two terrific guest bloggers with us for the past few months: Christopher Schmidt and Noelani Arista. We are so grateful to them for sharing their perspectives on law and history, and for giving us glimpses of some of the most exciting new work in the field.

The LHB is pleased to announce that Benjamin Coates will be blogging with us for the month of March. He joins us from Wake Forest University, where he is an Assistant Professor in the Department of History.

His research "explores the role of international lawyers in the emergence of the United States as a world power in the early twentieth century." His article "'Upon the Neutral Rests the Trusteeship of International Law': Legal Advisers and American Unneutrality" recently appeared in Caught in the Middle: Neutrals, Neutrality, and the First World War, ed. Johan den Hertog and Samuël Kruizinga (Aksant/Amsterdam University Press, 2011). Another article, titled "The Pan American Lobbyist: William Eleroy Curtis and U.S. Empire, 1884-99," is forthcoming in Diplomatic History.

He teaches courses on diplomatic and international history, including a course that I personally would love to take: "Global Outlaws in History since 1500" ("examin[ing] the motivations, ideologies, goals, and behavior of those who have been deemed “outlaws” to international society since 1500, including pirates, terrorists, smugglers, war criminals, and violators of copyright.").

Ahoy, Benjamin Coates!