Monday, April 22, 2013

ABF U.S. Legal History Roundtable

Last Friday I attended a terrific U.S. Legal History Roundtable at the American Bar Foundation in Chicago. I meant to post the line-up earlier, but I imagine it may still be of interest. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of these exciting projects:

Session 1
Alfred L. Brophy (University of North Carolina, School of Law), “The Sources and Nature of Antebellum Jurisprudence: Thomas Reade Roots Cobb’s An Inquiry into the Law of Negro Slavery.”
Commentators: Daniel Hamilton (University of Illinois, College of Law) and Dylan Penningroth (Northwestern University, Department of History; American Bar Foundation)
Session 2
William E. Forbath (University of Texas, School of Law), “Jews, Law, and Identity Politics.” [We got a glimpse of this project at much earlier stage when Forbath joined us as a guest blogger -- check out his posts here.]

Commentators: Ajay Mehrotra (Indiana University, School of Law) and Karen Tani (University of California, Berkeley, Law School)
Session 3
Kunal Parker (University of Miami, School of Law), “Immigrants and Other Foreigners in America, 1600 - 2000.

Commentators: Laura F. Edwards (Duke University, History Department) and Allison Brownell Tirres (DePaul University, College of Law)
Session 4
Sophia Lee (University of Pennsylvania Law School), “‘Their Individual Rights and Liberties as Free Men’: The Workplace Constitutions Intertwine.”

Commentators: James Sparrow (University of Chicago, Department of History) and Christopher Tomlins (University of California, Irvine, School of Law)
Christopher Schmidt (ABF/Chicago Kent College of Law) organized the event. For other ABF legal history programming, follow the link.