Thursday, October 31, 2013

LPBR reviews Magliocca, Griffin, and more

The Law & Politics Book Review is out with a new batch of reviews. Items of interest include:

  • John R. Vile (Middle Tennessee State University) reviews AMERICAN FOUNDING SON: JOHN BINGHAM AND THE INVENTION OF THE FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT (New York University Press), by Gerard N. Magliocca.
  • Kathie Barrett (University of West Georgia) reviews THE DEFENDANT IN INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS; BETWEEN LAW AND HISTORIOGRAPHY (Hart Publishing), by Björn Elberling.
  • Kimberley Fletcher (Ohio University) reviews LONG WARS AND THE CONSTITUTION (Harvard University Press), by Stephen M. Griffin.
  • Samuel S. Stanton, Jr. (Grove City College) reviews THE RISE AND FALL OF WAR CRIMES TRIALS, FROM CHARLES I TO BUSH II (Cambridge University Press), by Charles Anthony Smith