Friday, October 4, 2013

The Wickersham Commission: A Symposium

G. W. Wickersham (Wikimedia Commons)
Here's a downloadable and seemingly terrific symposium in the 96:4 (Summer 2013) issue of the Marquette Law Review on the Wickersham Commission:

Foreword: Why Wickersham?  by Daniel D. Blinka, Michael M. O'Hear, and Dean A. Strang

Barrock Lecture: The Accidental Crime Commission: Its Legacies And Lessons, by Franklin E. Zimring

Why Dennis? by Michal R. Belknap

Between Brain and State: Herbert C. Hoover, George W. Wickersham, and the Commission That Grounded Social Scientific Investigations of American Crime and Justice, 1929–1931 and Beyond, by James D. Calder

Counting Crime: J. Edgar Hoover, the Wickersham Commission, and the Problem of Criminal Statistics, by Beverly Gage

Why Do We (Still) Lack Data On Policing? by Rachel Harmon

A Reassessment of the Wickersham Commission Report: The Evolution of a Security Consensus, by Athan G. Theoharis

The Engineer as Progressive: The Wickersham Commission in the Arc of Herbert Hoover’s Life and Work, by Samuel Walker

The Wickersham Commission and Local Control of Criminal Prosecution, by Ronald F. Wright