Tuesday, November 18, 2014

ASLH Election Results

More news from this year's meeting of the American Society for Legal History:

Five members of the Board of Directors are rotating off: Richard Bernstein (New York Law School), Christian G. Fritz (University of New Mexico), Daniel W. Hamilton (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), Linda K. Kerber (University of Iowa), and Amalia Kessler* (Stanford University). 

The five newly elected members are: Alison LaCroix (University of Chicago), Ajay Mehrotra (Indiana University), Patti Minter (Western Kentucky University), Polly Price (Emory University), and Karl Shoemaker (University of Wisconsin).

The other members of the 2015 Board are:
Susanna Blumenthal (2013) (University of Minnesota)
Margot Canaday (2012) (Princeton University)
Jane Dailey (2013) (University of Chicago)
Cornelia Dayton (2013) (University of Connecticut)
Jeremy Kessler, (graduate student representative) (2013) (Yale University)
Michael Lobban (2013*) (Queen Mary College, University of London)
Bruce H. Mann (2013) (Immediate Past President) (Harvard University)
Reuel Schiller (2012) (University of California, Hastings)
Mitra Sharafi (2012) (University of Wisconsin)
David S. Tanenhaus (2012*) (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
Karen Tani (2012) (University of California, Berkeley)
One member of the Nominating Committee is rotating off:  Lucy Salyer (University of New Hampshire).

One new member has been elected: Martha Jones (University of Michigan)

The other members of the 2015 Nominating Committee are: 
Michael Willrich (2012), Chair (Brandeis University)
Daniel R. Ernst (2013) (Georgetown University)
Ariela Gross (2012) (University of Southern California)
Daniel Sharfstein (2013) (Vanderbilt University)
Thank you to all for their service!

* Executive Committee Member