Monday, November 17, 2014

Edward Coke, Meet Humphrey Bogart

Over at Worlds of Law, Marc S. Weiner has posted another in his series of videos that take legal history as a point of departure about much broader matters.  The latest is On Looking into Coke’s Reports (alternately, “Edward Coke, Meet Humphrey Bogart.”  It asks “Do law and film ever treat time in the same way? “ and seeks an answer in “rare books, jazz, the passage of time, and old movies … and the law reports of the great jurist Edward Coke.”

While at WOL, check out a save-the-date announcement for February 2018 (that’s not a typo).  It is for the opening at New York City’s Grolier Club of “Law’s Picture Books: The Yale Law Library Collection,” an exhibit Weiner is to co-curate with Mike Widener of the Yale Law Library.