Saturday, February 7, 2015

Thank You from a Fan

A hearty thanks to Karen and Dan for inviting me to guest blog at LHB. I am somewhere between a digital Neanderthal and a digital wizard, but exist closer to the Neanderthal end of the spectrum. At the least, I think it’s fair to say I am a late rather than an early adopter when it comes to technological advances. LHB was my entryway into blogs. It was the first one that I read, the first I subscribed to a feed of, and the one I look most forward to catching up with each morning, so it is both fitting and an honor that LHB is also where I am having my first spin as a guest blogger.

Having just finished the at times grueling but also immensely satisfying process of turning a dissertation into a book, I thought I’d use my first posts to talk about some challenges of the book-writing process. I offer these in the hopes that they may be of use to others but also, ideally, to generate a conversation about these (and other) writing puzzles.