Saturday, February 7, 2015

Weekend Roundup

  • We've previously noted the publication of Herbert J. Hovenkamp's Opening of American Law.  Professor Hovenkamp has recently posted the book's Epilogue on SSRN.
    Credit: Joy S. Ernst
  • Incidentally, at right is what you'd learn about 1215 when you got to that year in the Millennium tile walk in Wanaka, New Zealand.
  • Also from the Library of Congress Blog comes news of the rediscovery of a volume from Thomas Jefferson's library, found among the holdings of the Law Library.  The post explains that the cataloger Anna Bryan identified Jefferson's copy of Baron Redesdale's Treatise on the Pleadings in Suits in the Court of Chancery, by English Bill during an on-going project involving the Law Library's legal treatises.  Rare Book Curator Nathan Dorn tells us that this is the classification of pre-1801 English legal treatises acquired before the development of the K schedule.  The project is described here.
  • Via Cambridge Journals, we got our reminder to renew our membership in the American Society for Legal History and did so promptly.  Did you?  As the reminder says, "The ASLH depends on the support and generosity of its members for its continued cultivation of our field.  Please take a moment to renew now!"
Weekend Roundup is a weekly feature compiled by all the Legal History bloggers.