Monday, August 17, 2015

DC Working Class History Seminar

Here’s the line-up for the DC Working Class History Seminar for 2015-16:

September  19

Jennifer Luff (Durham University-UK)
“Banning reds: the origins of Britain's secret government purge, 1926-1928”

Dana Caldemeyer (ABD, University of Kentucky)
 "Undermined: Blacklegging Businessmen and the 1889 Coal Strike”

November 7

Seth LaShier (ABD, George Washington University)
“Limits to Protest: Hosea Williams and the Struggle for Civil and Economic Rights in Atlanta, 1972-1973”

Libby Cook (ABD, William & Mary)
 “Labor Disputes, Price Gouging, and Ornamental Arches: Negotiating a New Building Culture at the Virginia State Penitentiary, 1797-1802."

March 19

Ron Schatz (Wesleyan University)
"George Taylor, David Cole and the Rise of Public Employee Unions in the 1960s"

Sara Stanford-McIntyre (ABD, William & Mary)
"Refining the Desert: Building the West Texas Oil Infrastructure, 1920-1970"

May 21

Monica Gisolfi (UNC-Wilmington)
“Redeem This Land: African-American Farmers, Economic Justice, and the Long Civil Rights Movement, 1965-2014”

Jon Free  (ABD, Duke University)
"Making Mining 'Safe': The Long History of the 1969 Coal Mine Health and Safety Act"