Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Supreme Court Fellows Program

[We have the following announcement for the Supreme Court Fellows Program.]

Each year, the Supreme Court Fellows Commission selects four talented individuals to engage for one year in the work of the Supreme Court of the United States, Administrative Office of the United States Courts, Federal Judicial Center, and United States Sentencing Commission.  The program provides fellows with practical exposure to judicial administration, policy development, and education. Through hands-on participation, fellows gain unique insight into the challenges of federal court management.

As a prestigious national program, the Supreme Court Fellowship has attracted first-rate candidates for more than 40 years. The program is particularly interested in candidates who are completing a judicial clerkship, are interested in pursuing an academic career or a career in public service, and wish to deepen their knowledge of the federal judicial system.

The Supreme Court Fellowship is a one-year appointment, beginning in August or September. Supreme Court Fellows become employees of the federal court system and receive salaries equivalent to the GS -12/1 of the government pay scale at the applicable locality rate.  Fellows are eligible for health and life insurance, and other benefits programs offered to federal employees.

Candidates must have excellent written and verbal communication skills.  They will be expected to perform well in demanding office environments that reward initiative, collegiality, discretion, and sound judgment. Ideal candidates are highly motivated and creative. Applicants must be U.S. Citizens, and are required to have a J.D. or other post-graduate degree to be eligible for consideration.

 Applications must include the following:
  1.  a candidate information form;
  2.  a résumé highlighting academic, professional, and personal achievements;
  3.  an original research proposal on a legal topic of scholarly interest;
  4.  two candidate recommendations mailed directly to the Supreme Court Fellows Program.
The 2016-2017 Supreme Court Fellowship application deadline is Friday, November 6, 2015.

For more information and to access the online application, please visit here.  For questions regarding the application process, please contact program staff at 202-479-3415 or fellowsprogram@supremecourt.gov