Friday, August 28, 2015

Triangle Legal History Seminar, 2015-16

Via Al Brophy over at the Faculty Lounge, we have the schedule for the Triangle Legal History Seminar for 2015-16.  Al writes that the seminar meets at the National Humanities Center, except on December 4, when it will meet at UNC Law School.   Except for October 1, the seminar begins at 4 pm.
Sean Vanatta, Princeton University, September 25

Wilfred Prest, University of Adelaide, October 1

Ryan Poe, Duke University, November 6

Richard Paschal, George Mason University,  December 4

Renzo Honores, High Point University, January 15

James Campbell, Stanford University, February 12

Ashley Elrod, Duke University, March 4
Anna K. Johns, Duke University, March 25

Matt Sommer, Stanford University, April 22