Thursday, August 13, 2015

Domínguez on Chilean Family Law

Carmen Domínguez, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, has posted Los Principios Que Informan El Derecho De Familia Chileno: Su Formulación Clásica Y Su Revisión Moderna (The Principles Underlying the Chilean Matrimonial Law: Its Classic Formulation and Modern Review), which appeared in the Revista Chilena de Derecho 32 (2005): 205-18:
English Abstract: This paper develops the historical evolution of Private Law in general and family law in particular. It also elaborates upon the guiding principles that in-nerve the many deep changes that family law has undergone over the years. The second part of the article is a critical analysis of the effects of such changes, suggesting the different directions of the recent reforms sought to be introduced into Chilean law. These directions are basically referred to the need to strengthen the family, as stated by the Constitution, and to tackle and reach the idea of what is good for the whole society, as included within the concept of family as the first and foremost community of individuals.