Friday, October 16, 2015

Christopher Waldrep: Scholarship, Teaching, and Professional Citizenship

Christopher Waldrep (SFSU)
Earlier this week, Charles Zelden, the lead editor of H-Law, noted the following announcement on the website of the American Society for Legal History, regarding the ASLH’s upcoming annual meeting in Washington, DC:
We are pleased to announce that arrangements have been made for Christopher Waldrep to attend the roundtable session in his honor [“Christopher Waldrep: Scholarship, Teaching, and Professional Citizenship”] during the 3:30-4:30 panel slot on Friday, October 30th. Chris was the founding editor of H-Law and wrote extensively on constitutional themes in the southern United States before a tragic accident compelled him to retire.
Professor Zelden notes that Professor Waldrep was H-Law’s founding editor and the lead editor for eighteen of H-Law’s twenty-two years.  “Without Chris, there would have been no H-Law,” Professor Zelden writes.  “ Everyone who is planning on attending this year’s ASLH is invited to attend this roundtable which will include commentary on Chris and the creation of H-Law, his scholarship and his teaching.”