Monday, October 5, 2015

Stack on Goodnow, Freund, Wyman and the Leg-Reg Course

Kenneth M. Stack, Vanderbilt Law School, looks back to the administrative law scholars Frank Goodnow, Ernst Freund, and Bruce Wyman for Lessons from the Turn of the Twentieth Century for First-Year Courses on Legislation and Regulation, Journal of Legal Education 65 (August 2015): 28-44.  He finds that (1) “these early scholars’ arguments for administrative law, made a century or more ago, add further urgency to adoption of a first-year leg-reg course today”; (2) their writings provide "a vantage point on the material to be covered in a leg-reg course”; and (3) that the objections they faced help explain “the continued wariness about a first-year leg-reg course in a jurisprudence for which the case method is the privileged pedagogy."