Friday, September 2, 2016

Global Perspectives on Legal History 7

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Víctor Tau Anzoátegui, El Jurista en el Nuevo Mundo Pensamiento. Doctrina. Mentalidad.  Global Perspectives on Legal History 7.  Frankfurt am Main: Max Planck Institute for European Legal History 2016. 280 p., € 14,19 D.  ISBN: 978-3-944773-06-3.  Open Access Online EditionPrint-on-demand.

This study of the history of Derecho Indiano proposes to analyze the role played by the Spanish-American jurist in the New World, as both elaborator as well as a practitioner of an art and a practice. While contributing to the development of public authority within a new society, the jurist faced episodes, realities, and circumstances of huge diversity. The studies collected in this volume appeared originally in journals and collected works in various countries. They are offered today in a revised edition.

With El Jurista en el Nuevo Mundo. Pensamiento. Doctrina. Mentalidad, the Max Planck Institute for European Legal History presents the newest publication in its book series "Global Perspectives on Legal History."  As its title suggests, the series is designed to advance the scholarly research of legal historians worldwide who seek to transcend the established boundaries of national legal scholarship that typically sets the focus on a single, dominant modus of normativity and law. The series aims to privilege studies dedicated to reconstructing the historical evolution of normativity from a global perspective.  It includes monographs, editions of sources, and collaborative works. All titles in the series are available both as premium print-on-demand and in the open-access format.  More information on the series and forthcoming volumes [are available here.]