Wednesday, March 13, 2019

2019 British Legal History Conference

Image result for university of st andrewsThe program for the 2019 British Legal History Conference is now posted. You can hava look here. The conference will be take place July 10-13, 2019  at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. 

Here are the plenary sessions: 

Plenary I – 10 July 2019
Caroline Humfress (St Andrews), ‘Some Comparative Legal History: Lazarus and the Lawyers’
Chair: John Hudson (St Andrews)

Plenary II - 11 July 2019
Alice Taylor (KCL), ‘What does Scotland’s earliest legal tractate actually say (and what does it mean)?’
Chair: William Eves (St Andrews)

Plenary III – 12 July 2019
Rebecca Probert (Exeter), ‘What Makes a Marriage? Religion, the State, and the Individual in the Long Nineteenth Century’
Chair: Andrew Cecchinato (St Andrews)

Plenary Panel – 12 July 2019
Lorna Drummond (Sheriff of Tayside and Fife)
Geoff Lindsay (Justice, Supreme Court of New South Wales)
Hector MacQueen (Edinburgh – Formerly Scottish Law Commission)

Plenary IV – 13 July 2019
Ian Williams (UCL), ‘James VI and I, Rex et Iudex: One King as Judge in Two Kingdoms’
Chair: Sarah White (St Andrews)

Further information is available here.