Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Glossae issue 15

Vol.15 (2018) of Glossae: European Journal of Legal History features work on comparative legal history. Here's the line-up for the "Studies" section of the issue:
  • Luisa Brunori, Aniceto Masferrer, Alain Wijffels, "Preface"
  • Emanuele Conte, "Modena 1182, the origins of a new paradigm of ownership. The interface between historical contingency and the scholarly invention of legal categories"
  • Yves Mausen, "Causa and opinion evidence: the Roman-canonical origins of the prohibition of opinion evidence in the common law"
  • Anja Amend-Traut, "Diversité ou unité? Culture juridique, correspondances et différences dans la recherche de la justice en Europe"
  • Mia Korpiola, "Particularisme juridique et développements communs (Moyen-Âge–Temps modernes): Une perspective suédoise"
  • Luisa Brunori, "History of business law: a European history?"
  • Wolfgang Ernst, "Modalités de vote dans les tribunaux collégiaux. La diffusion des idées des Lumières en Europe au 19ème siècle"
  • Aniceto Masferrer, "Was the French Civil Code ‘the Model’ of the Spanish One? An Approach to the Uniqueness of the Spanish Civil Code"
  • Luigi Lacchè, "Crossing boundaries. Comparative constitutional history as a space of communication"
  • John Bell, "The Role of Doctrinal Writing in Creating Administrative Law: France and England Compared"
  • Alain Wijffels, "Fingerposts and Armsäulen:Comparative legal history’s manifold itineraries to legal culture"
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