Friday, March 1, 2019

Legal History Workshop at TAU

Here’s the line-up for Spring 2019 for the Law and History Workshop, organized by Ron Harris and David Schorr, at the Bachmann Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University.  It meets Mondays, 4:15-5:45 pm.  For pre-circulated papers please contact or

March 11    Sarah Mandel, History, TAU.  Religious Minorities in English Law: Comparisons and Methodological Questions

March 18    Tamar Herzog, History, Harvard.  A Short History of European Law

March 25    Abigail Faust, Law, TAU.  "A National Guardianship": The Consumer Credit Protection Act and the Bankruptcy Code in Congress, 1968-1978

April 1    Edward Cavanagh, History, Cambridge.  Conquest for the Crown: Law Officers, Legal Personality, and the Courts of Common Law in the Imperial Meridian, 1784-1821

April 8    Shaunnagh Dorsett, Law, University of Technology, Sydney.  Procedural Reform in the Nineteenth Century British Empire:  The Failures of Barron Field in Gibraltar

April 29    Philip Stern, History, Duke.  Corporations, Colonies, and the British Empire in the Age of Reform

May 6       Laetitia Guerlain, Law, Bordeaux.  Law and Anthropology : An Archaeology (France, 19th-20th Centuries)

May 13    Rivka Brot, Law, TAU.  Legal Aid for Jewish Displaced Persons, Germany, 1945-1950:  Lessons From Forgotten History

May 20    Stephan Wendehorst, History & Law, Gießen & Vienna.  Zionist Projects avant la lettre? Jewry as a Subject and Jewish Rights as an Object of the Early Modern Law of Nations

May 27    Evelyne Oliel-Grausz, History, Paris I. TBA