Monday, December 16, 2019

150 Years of Serbia’s Administrative Judiciary

[We have the following announcement from Vuk Cucic of the University of Belgrade. DRE]

This year Serbia celebrates 150 years of judicial review of administrative acts in Serbia. On this occasion, the President of the Administrative Court of Serbia, a group of my colleagues from university and I prepared a collection of papers covering the history of administrative judiciary in Serbia since 1869: 150th Anniversary of the Administrative Dispute in Serbia (1869-2019), edited by Vuk Cucic (Administrative Court of Serbia, 2019).  In it we covered the historical development of the organization, subject-matter, procedure, decisions (adjudication) and legal remedies in administrative dispute procedure. The collection of papers can be found [here.]  It is bilingual, in English and Serbian.

[Professor Cucic observes that the collection shows “how different administrative traditions (French, Austrian, German and Soviet) influenced judicial review in a small European country.”]