Monday, December 23, 2019

Parker Reviews Fernandez on Pierson v. Post

Over at JOTWELL, Kunal Parker (University of Miami School of Law) has posted an admiring review of Angela Fernandez's recent work on the classic property law case Pierson v. Post (Angela Fernandez, Pierson v. Post: The Hunt for the Fox (2018); Angela Fernandez, "Pierson v. Post" in Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Property Opinions (forthcoming 2020)). It's hard to capture the essence of this fascinating review in a single paragraph, but here's a taste:
. . . Fernandez chases Pierson v. Post wherever it will take her, from the New York archives to the plays of Shakespeare to the beaches of Long Island to the casebooks of the twentieth century and beyond.  Like the fox, Pierson is wily, but its huntress refuses to give up. The parallels between the book’s structure (that of following Pierson wherever it will go) and the Post’s hunt for the fox among the scrub of a Long Island beach are, it must be emphasized, the genius of Fernandez’ book.
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-- Karen Tani