Sunday, December 20, 2020

Glossae 17

[Volume 17 (2020) of GLOSSAE: The European Journal of Legal History, is now online.  We list the articles below.  Miscellany, book reviews and news appear here.  DRE]

An introduction to the birth of criminal positivism in Europe and Latin America at the end of the 19th century: rise and resistance, pp. 1-21
Yves Cartuyvels, Aniceto Masferrer

The Theory of Social Defence and the Italian Positive School of Criminal Law, pp. 22-46
Michele Pifferi

Bernardino Alimena and Emanuele Carnevale: The third school of criminal law searching for a compromise, pp. 47-82
Stefano Vinci

Argentina’s Participation in the International Penal and Penitentiary Congress (1872-1950), pp. 83-118
Esteban González, Jorge Núñez

About the concept of the ‘dangerous individual’ in turn-of-the-century penal reform: Debates on recidivism, état dangereux, indeterminate sentencing, and civil liberty in the International Union of Penal Law, 1889-1914, pp. 119-149
Richard F. Wetzell

Zweckgedanke, Social Defence and Transnational Criminal Law: Franz von Liszt and the Network of Positivist Criminology (1871-1918), pp. 150-175
Karl Härter

Adolphe Prins and social defence in Belgium: The reform in the service of maintaining social order, pp. 176-210
Yves Cartuyvels

Gerhardus Antonius van Hamel (1842-1917) and the new horizons of criminal justice under penal positivism, pp. 211-232
John A.E. Vervaele

Echoes of Karl Binding and Franz von Liszt? The Discussion between the ‘Classical School’ and the ‘Positivist School’ in Austria, pp. 233-258
Martin P. Schennach
Toward New Horizons: Penal Positivism and Swiss Criminal Law Reform in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, pp. 259-276
Urs Germann

The hybrid construction of a European form of penal thinking. From Italian positivism to the birth of French criminology Reception, resistance and appropriation, pp. 277-302
Martine Kaluszynski

The reception of the positivist school in the Spanish criminal doctrine (1885-1899), pp. 303-352
Aniceto Masferrer

Pedro Dorado Montero: A Transitioning Figure, pp. 353-395
José Franco-Chasán

A frantic mayfly at the turn of the century: The positivist movement and Portuguese criminal law, pp. 396-439
Pedro Caeiro, Frederico de Lacerda da Costa Pinto

Reception of social defense in the RSFSR and the USSR, pp. 440-468
Maria Filatova, Tatiana Alekseeva

Ascension and decline of positivism in Argentina, pp. 469-485
Enrique Roldán Cañizares, Matías J. Rosso

The Italian Scuola Positiva in Brazil between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: the problematic issue of “influence”, pp. 486-516
Ricardo Sontag