Monday, June 14, 2010

2010 ACLS Fellowships

The American Council of Learned Societies has announced its awards for 2010. Several legal history-related projects are on the list.

ACLS Fellows include:

Andrew Wender Cohen
Associate Professor, Department of History, Syracuse University - Contraband: Smuggling and the Birth of the American Century

Peter Decherney
Assistant Professor, English, University of Pennsylvania - Hollywood’s Copyright Wars: Pirates, Plagiarists, and Technophobes, from Edison to the Internet

Pablo Piccato
Associate Professor, History, Columbia University - A Century of Crime in Modern Mexico: A Historical Perspective

Daniel M. Goldstein
Associate Professor, Anthropology, Rutgers University, New Brunswick - Law's End: Community Justice, Citizen Security, and Human Rights in Evo's Bolivia

Ruth Mazo Karras
Professor, History, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities - Quasi-Marital Unions in Medieval Europe

Charles A. Ryskamp Research Fellowship recipients include:

Kate Masur
Assistant Professor, History, Northwestern University - “In All Things American Citizens”: African Americans and Federal Employment in Post-Emancipation America.

Ekaterina Pravilova
Assistant Professor, History, Princeton University - “Res publicae” in the Imperial State? Property and Power in the Russian Empire, 1860-1917