Saturday, June 5, 2010

Baker and Milsom, Second Edition

Just published by the Oxford University Press is a new edition of Baker and Milsom’s Sources of English Legal History Private Law to 1750, by Sir John Baker. The OUP calls the work:
"The definitive source book on the development of the common law of persons, obligations, and property - an essential reference point for all legal historians or comparative lawyers engaged in this history of the common law. [It] translates the sources into modern, accessible English, making the primary materials accessible to students of legal history. The sources themselves offer a rich resource for historians of English society, government, and economics, revealing the operation of the courts in personal and economic disputes."
According to the press, this edition includes “sources discovered since the first edition published in 1986.” It has been “comprehensively revised and updated in light of recent scholarship, including corrections to some sources in light of law reports that were previously unavailable.”

More, including a pdf of the first chapter, here.