Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Legal Historian William Treanor named Dean at Georgetown

Hat tip. The Georgetown announcement is here. Legal historians know Bill Treanor as one those rare Deans who sends out reprints. In other words, he has continued to write serious legal history while also serving as Dean at Fordham. A partial list of publications just from last year includes: “Marbury v. Madison,” in Federal Courts Stories (Vicki Jackson & Judith Resnik, eds., Foundation Press, 2009); “Morton Horwitz: Legal Historian as Lawyer and Historian,” in Transformations in American Legal History: Essays in Honor of Morton J. Horwitz (Daniel W. Hamilton & Alfred L. Brophy, eds., Harvard Law School, 2009); "Against Textualism," 103 Northwestern Law Review 983-1006 (2009); and “Supreme Neglect,“ 107 Michigan Law Review 1059-1071 (2009) (book review). He has a book manuscript in progress on judicial review in early U.S. history. I take it as good news for the field as well as for Georgetown that such an engaged legal historian will be at the helm of a top law school.