Friday, February 17, 2012

Hurry, While Supplies Last

Now through March 15, Cambridge Journals is providing free access to a collection of editor-selected articles from the Journal of Policy History, including:

From "Economic Want" to "Family Pathology": Foster Family Care, the New Deal, and the Emergence of a Public Child Welfare System, Catherine E. Rymph (24.01)

Reform's Mating Dance: Presidents, Social Movements, and Racial Realignments, Sidney M. Milkis and Daniel Tichenor (23.04)

The Making of a Tax Break: The Oil Depletion Allowance, Scientific Taxation, and Natural Resources Policy in the Early Twentieth Century, Peter A. Shulman (23.03)

(I can particularly commend Shulman on the oil depletion allowance.)


Anonymous said...

Getting a "Not Found" on the link

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir

The "free access" link doesn't work for me. Clicking on it gets me an eror message

Yours Sincerely,
Alan E. Dunne

Dan Ernst said...

Sorry about that. I've updated the link and believe it now works. DRE