Friday, February 17, 2012

Hurry, While Supplies Last

Now through March 15, Cambridge Journals is providing free access to a collection of editor-selected articles from the Journal of Policy History, including:

From "Economic Want" to "Family Pathology": Foster Family Care, the New Deal, and the Emergence of a Public Child Welfare System, Catherine E. Rymph (24.01)

Reform's Mating Dance: Presidents, Social Movements, and Racial Realignments, Sidney M. Milkis and Daniel Tichenor (23.04)

The Making of a Tax Break: The Oil Depletion Allowance, Scientific Taxation, and Natural Resources Policy in the Early Twentieth Century, Peter A. Shulman (23.03)

(I can particularly commend Shulman on the oil depletion allowance.)