Monday, February 13, 2012

New from the LPBR: Desegregation, Death Penalty, Religion Clauses and More

The Law & Politics Book Review has released a new batch of reviews:

Christopher Malone (Pace University) reviews THE DAWN OF DESEGREGATION: J.A. DE LAINE AND BRIGGS V. ELLIOTT (University of South Carolina Press), by Ophelia De Laine Gona (here).

Mary W. Atwell (Radford University) reviews WHO DESERVES TO DIE: CONSTRUCTING THE EXECUTABLE SUBJECT (University of Massachusetts Press), edited by Austin Sarat and Karl Shoemaker (here).

John E. Finn (Wesleyan University) reviews HOW CONSTITUTIONS CHANGE: A COMPARATIVE STUDY (Hart Publishing), edited by Dawn Oliver and Carlo Fusaro (here).

Michael R. Dimino, Sr. (Widener University) reviews JUDICIAL APPOINTMENTS AND DEMOCRATIC CONTROLS (Carolina Academic Press), by Mitchel A. Sollenberger (here).

Kevin R. den Dulk (Calvin College) reviews THE RELIGION CLAUSES OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT: GUARANTEES OF STATES’ RIGHTS? (Lexington Books), by Ellis M. West (here).