Friday, February 3, 2012

Public History, Judicial Independence and the Michigan Bar

[The State Bar of Michigan, it seems, has realized the value of legal history in contemporary debates over judicial independence.]
The State Bar of Michigan is starting a new Law Day tradition in 2012 by launching a statewide contest to highlight the theme “Michigan: No Courts, No Justice, No Freedom,” utilizing SBM's Michigan Legal Milestones.

The Michigan Legal Milestones is a 25-year-old State Bar program that commemorates important jurists and court cases that have contributed to our rich legal history. Bronze plaques detailing the background and importance of each case, event, or personality have been placed throughout the state. There are 36 milestones to date.

To participate, contestants should familiarize themselves with the milestones and tie those that are appropriate into the 2012 Law Day theme in a creative project. Examples of acceptable projects include dramatic or musical plays, debates, video game designs, essays, podcasts, commentaries, re-enactments, mock trials, short documentaries, and more.
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