Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Tribute to Morris L. Cohen

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The latest issue of the Law Library Journal is dedicated to Morris L. Cohen (1927-2010). Here's a sample of the offerings:
"In Praise of Morris L. Cohen's Bibliography of Early American Law." Daniel A. Cohen.

"Morris L. Cohen: A Reminiscence." Morris S. Arnold.

"Morris Cohen and the Art of Book Collecting." Michael Widener.
"Birth of a Nutshell: Morris Cohen in the 1960s." Kent C. Olson.
"Blackstone and Bibliography: In Memoriam Morris Cohen." Wilfrid Prest.

"Booksellers in Court: Approaches to the Legal History of Copyright in England Before 1842." James Raven.

"Reflections: An Interview with Morris L. Cohen." Morris L. Cohen & Bonnie Collier.
The full TOC is here. Articles are available for download on the Law Library Journal website.

Hat tip: Yale Law Library - Rare Books Blog