Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekend Round-Up

  • We've previously noted the publication by Ross E. Davies, Craig D. Rust and Adam Aft of a set of baseball-type cards featuring Supreme Court Justices and giving their "stats."  They are back, here, with cards on the Justices Scalia, Fortas, and Goldberg.  Mr.Aft tells me that the new home for these cards is the Journal of Legal Metrics (of which he is a co-Editor-in-Chief.  The first issue of the JLM also contains the Original Jurisdiction Standings by David Hatton and Professor Jay Wexler, which provides the wins and losses of the states that have litigated original jurisdiction cases at the Supreme Court. 
  • Around the colloquiaAbigail Chandler, Massachusetts-Lowell History, presented “I Charged Her to Speak the Truth: The Legal Role of the Colonial Midwife” to the Boston College Legal History Roundtable.  Hat tip: Legal Scholarship Bog
  • Readers within hailing distance of the New-York Historical Society and can spare the price of admission might consider two events: "The Invisible Line: Three American Families and the Secret Journey from Black to White," with Daniel Sharfstein, moderated by Brent Staples, on April 12, and “The Civil War and the American Constitution,” with Mark E. Neely, Jr., moderated by Harold Holzer, on April 24.  More.
The Weekend Round-Up is a weekly feature compiled by all the Legal History bloggers.