Friday, August 24, 2012

Connecticut Legal History & Culture Speaker Series

Here’s the year’s lineup for the Connecticut Legal History & Culture Speaker Series, at the University of Connecticut School of Law:

September 19.  Patrick Weill (Université de Paris-1), “The Sovereign Citizen: Denaturalization & the Origins of the American Republic”

October 24.  Jane Ginsburg (Columbia), “Popes & Printing”

February 6.  Adriaan Lanni (Harvard), “Law & Order in Classical Athens”

March 4.  Jed Shugerman (Harvard), “The Decisions of 1870 and 1887: The Origins of America's Exceptional Mixed Executive”

March 6.  Mary Ziegler (St. Louis), “The Making of a Woman's Right: Social Movements and the Popular Reinterpretation of Roe v. Wade, 1965-1980"