Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Law, Society & Culture at Indiana

The Fall 2012 schedule is out for the colloquium of the Center for Law, Society, and Culture at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law.  It includes some history sessions, including one by Felicity Turner, one of Indiana’s two Jerome Hall Postdoctoral Fellows.  (The other is Sophia Wilson.)

Sept. 6
"Judicial Ethics and Supreme Court Exceptionalis"
Amanda Frost
American University Law School 
Sept. 26
Noon, 335
"Data-mining, Analysis, and Citizen Activism: Can we create a new market for monitoring and regulating economic activity and reverse the trend toward economic feudalism?" 
Richard Freeman
Harvard University 
Oct. 4 "Making apartheid work: Black workers, South African labor law, and the struggle for racial justice"
Alex Lichtenstein
Indiana University Department of History 
Oct. 25 “Comparing Children’s Rights Regimes: Sweden and the United States in the Twentieth Century and into the Twenty-First”
Michael Grossberg
Indiana University Department of History
Bengt Sandin
Linköping University 
Nov. 1 “Narratives of Infanticide: Mothers, Murder, and the State in Nineteenth-Century America”
Felicity Turner
Indiana University Jerome Hall Postdoctoral Fellow 
Nov. 29 “How and Why Judges and Police Bend the Law: Human Rights, Courts and Law Enforcement in the Post-Soviet World”
Sophia Wilson
Indiana University Jerome Hall Postdoctoral Fellow