Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Green Bag Is Out: Brophy Reviews White, and More

Via PrawfsBlawg, we have word that the latest issue of the Green Bag is out. Here's the TOC:

Ex Ante

MistakesBad PaternoJustice PrecedentYork v. YaleCumulative Confessional

To the Bag

Peter OwenNicholas Frankovich


Justice Owen J. Roberts on 1937, by Edward L. Carter & Edward E. Adams
It’s Now the John Roberts Court, by Erwin Chemerinsky
What Were They Thinking: The Supreme Court in Revue, October Term 2011, by John P. Elwood & Eric A. White
Who Shot Charles Summers?, by Kyle Graham
A Pronouncing Dictionary of the Supreme Court of the United States, by Sally Pei et al. (with the website)

From the Bag

Marshall’s Maps, the U.S. Reports, and the New Judicial Restraint, by Ross E. Davies (including John Marshall’s Atlas to Marshall’s Life of Washington) smalllarge


Multivariate Analysis Through Narrative History, by Alfred L. Brophy

Ex Post

The Supreme Court of Canada, Brick by Brick, by Andrew Frape & Cattleya Concepcion

Front & Back Matter

Frontispiece & Masthead
Acknowledgments, Credits & Featured Books
FYI, Al Brophy's review essay discusses Law in American History: From the Colonial Years Through the Civil War (2012), by recent guest blogger G. Edward White.

To piggyback on Karen's post: anyone who writes about or teaches "1937" will want to read Carter and Adams's report on Merlo Pusey's notes of his 1946 interview with Owen Roberts.  DRE