Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Scottish Legal History Group to Meet in October

Via the Edinburgh Legal History Blog, here is the program for the 32nd Annual Conference and AGM of the Scottish Legal History Group, to be held in Edinburgh on October 6, 2012:

11.00  First Session

Mr W.W. Scott
“William de Crannystoun, notary public, c. 1395-1425, and some contemporaries”

 Dr John D. Ford, University of Cambridge
“William Welwod's Treatises on Maritime Law”

2.15  Second Session

Annual General Meeting ... to be followed at 2.30 approximately by:

Ms Harriet Cornell
“Social Control and the Courts of Haddingtonshire: 1610-1640"

3.30  Third Session

Dr  Dan Carr, University of Edinburgh
“Lord Kames in America”

Dr Andrew Mackillop, University of Aberdeen
“Scots Law & Scottish Identities in the Eastern British Empire, c.1750-1815"