Monday, October 6, 2014

A Festschrift for Paul Hyams

Reading Medieval Studies, an annual published by the Graduate Centre for Medieval Studies of the University of Reading, has recently released a special issue, Law's  Dominion in the Middle Ages: Essays for Paul Hyams.  Here is its contents:

Professor Danuta R Shanzer (University of Vienna)
Augustine's EPP. 77-78 (A Scandal in Hippo): Microhistory and Ordeal-by-Oath

Professor Thomas D Hill (Cornell University)

The Weight of Love and the Anglo-Saxon Cold Water Ordeals

Professor Richard Abels (US Naval Academy)

'The crimes by which Wulfbald ruined himself with his lord': The Limits of State Action in Late Anglo-Saxon England

Professor Stephen D White (Emory University)

Hic Est Wadard: Vassal of Odo of Bayeaux or Miles and Frater of St Augustine's, Canterbury

Professor Ruth Mazo Karras (University of Minnesota)

Telling the Truth about Sex in Late Medieval Paris

Assistant Professor Eliza Buhrer (Seton Hall University)

Law and Mental Competency in Late Medieval England

Professor Paul Brand (All Souls, Oxford)

New Light on the Expulsion of the Jewish Community from England in 1290

Dr Chris Briggs (University of Cambridge) and Professor Phillipp Schofield (Aberystwyeth University)
Understanding Edwardian Villagers' Use of Law: Some Manor Court Litigation Evidence

Assistant Professor Ada Maria Kuskowski (Southern Methodist University)

Lingua Franca Legalis? A French Vernacular Legal Culture from England to the Levant

Assistant Professor Thomas J McSweeney (William and Mary Law School)

The King's Courts and the King's Soul: Pardoning as Almsgiving in Medieval England

Professor Richard W Kaeuper (University of Rochester)

John Ruskin, the Medieval Ordines, and Meritorious Suffering

Professor Peter Coss (Cardiff University)
Neifs and Villeins in Later Medieval England

Dr Dave Postles (University of Hertfordshire)
Bibliography of the Writings of Paul Hyams