Monday, October 16, 2017

HLS Opens Surrey (and Other) Papers

From Et Seq., the blog of the Harvard Law School Library, comes word that Historical and Special Collections at HLS has opened several new collections to researchers.  The big one is the  papers of Stanley S. Surrey, the “dean of the academic tax bar.”  (The temptation to write, “Oh, great: just in time to be ignored by congressional tax reformers,” is overwhelming.)  The other collections are the Lloyd L. Weinreb Papers; the Gary J. Greenberg Papers (Senior Trial Attorney in DOJ’s Civil Rights Division,1967-1969; the Andrzej Henryk Wojcik Collection of Cuban criminal and civil court documents from 1881 and 1890, the David Charny Papers; and Jeffrey Toobin research for his book “the kidnapping, crimes and trial of Patty Hearst.”  Et Seq. also reports that an original letter written by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. to Lady Clare Castletown will be opened to researchers "after conservation work has been completed," which certainly sets our pulses racing.  H/t: David Warrington.