Tuesday, October 17, 2017

University of Minnesota Legal History Workshop 2017-18

[We have the following announcement from our friends at the University of Minnesota. Barbara Welke is leading this year's workshop.]


FALL 2017

Mondale Hall 473, Thursday, 4:05 – 6:00 pm

As in past years, we will circulate papers one week in advance of the workshop/ seminar.   The culture of the workshop is one of reading in advance.  We ask our guests to take only a few minutes as the outset to contextualize the paper for us.

Th. Sept. 21 Sarah Seo, Associate Professor of Law, University of Iowa (sarah-seo@uiowa.edu) “From the Foot Patrolman to the Motor-Mounted Policeman”
 (from book manuscript in progress Policing Everyman: How Cars Transformed American Freedom)

Th. Sept. 28 Laura Edwards, Peabody Family Professor of History in Trinity College of Arts and Sciences, Duke University (ledwards@duke.edu), Only the Clothes on Her Back: Textiles, Law, and Governance in the Nineteenth-Century United States

Th. Oct. 5 Nathaniel (Nate) Holdren, Assistant Professor, Program in Law, Politics, and Society, Drake University (nate.holdren@drake.edu),  “The Value of Injury: Workplace Accidents, Capitalism, and Law in the Progressive Era” (from book manuscript in progress Blood Money: Law, Commodification, and the Human Truths of Injury in the Long Gilded Age (under contract with Cambridge University Press)

Th. Oct. 12 Amy Dru Stanley, Associate Professor of History and Law, University of Chicago (adstanley@uchicago.edu), “The Sovereign Market and Sex Difference: Human Rights in America” (final chapter in book manuscript in progress From Slave Emancipation to the Commerce Power: An American History of Human Rights (Harvard University Press), and in essay form for Chris Desan and Sven Beckert, eds., New Histories of Capitalism (Columbia University Press))

Th. Oct. 19 Rohit De, Associate Research Scholar Yale Law School and Assistant Professor of History, Yale University (rohit.de@yale.edu), "The Kenyatta Trial as an International Legal Event: Decolonization, Civil Liberties and a Global History of Rebellious Lawyering" (from book manuscript in progress titled Rights from the Left: Decolonization, Civil Liberties and a Global History of Rebellious Lawyering )

Th. Nov. 2 Will Hanley, Associate Professor of History, Florida State University (whanley@fsu.edu),  Identifying with Nationality: Europeans, Ottomans, and Egyptians (Columbia University Press, 2017)(Introduction, Part I (ch. 1-2), Part II (ch. 3 and 6))

Th. Nov. 9 Margot Canaday, Associate Professor of History, Princeton University (mcanaday@princeton.edu), “‘The Ones Who Had Nothing to Lose’:  Days and Nights in the Queer Work World”
Th. Nov. 16 Richard J. Ross, Professor of Law and History, Co-Director, Program in Legal History, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign College of Law (rjross@illinois.edu), “The Rule of Law and the Estado de Derecho in British and Spanish America”

Th. Nov. 30 Rowan Dorin, Assistant Professor of History, Stanford University (dorin@stanford.edu), “Scribes, Synods, and Sermons: Legal Diffusion and the Rise of Mass Expulsion in Late Medieval Europe”

T. Dec. 5 Susanna Blumenthal, Julius E. Davis Professor of Law and Professor of History, University of Minnesota, “Accounting for Insanity: The Paper Economy of the Bloomingdale Asylum”