Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Contested Citizenships

Contested Citizenships (May 7-8, 2009) calls attention to those "in-between" categories of citizenship and alienage: the second-class; the refugee; the "foreign national;" the detainee; the undocumented worker; and the asylum seeker. These administrative and ascriptive categories have been created to deal with the multiple statuses of membership in democratic societies. Sponsored by the Wayne Morse Center for Law & Politics and the University of Oregon Law School, "Contested Citizenships" critically examines the history, policy, and politics of these categories.

On May 7, 4:30 p.m., Leti Volpp will give a public address titled, "Immigration, Citizenship, and the Concept of Space," and Linda Bosniak will offer comments afterward. All events will be held at the University of Oregon Law School.

Featured presenters include:

Linda Bosniak, Rutgers University
Jennifer Erickson, University of Oregon-Anthropology
Mary Fan, American University
Leonard Feldman, University of Oregon-Political Science
Lynn Fujiwara, UO-Women's and Gender Studies
Daniel HoSang, UO-Political Science and Ethnic Studies
Liisa Malkki, Stanford University-Anthropology
Michelle McKinley, UO Law School
Peggy Pascoe, UO-History
Richard Warren Perry, San José State University
Veta Schlimgen, UO-History
Carol Silverman, UO-Anthropology
Juliet Stumpf, Lewis and Clark
Dan Tichenor, UO-Political Science
Robert L. Tsai, American University
Rose Cuison Villazor, Southern Methodist University
Leti Volpp, Boalt Hall-UC Berkeley
Diana Yoon, University of Massachusetts Amherst

The full schedule of events can be found here. Biographies of participants are here.