Monday, April 20, 2009

More Audio on the Web

Looking (unsuccessfully*) for an image of Louis Jaffe to illustrate my lecture tomorrow, I stumbled onto the "Past Speakers" page of the Harvard Law School Forum. Most entries lack of audio but some have downloadable files that I've been able to play on RealPlayer. (Pauli Murray comes through loud and clear.) Here's a sample of what you'll find if you scroll down the page:

Date: February 18, 1966
Title: "Women - Dare We Not Discriminate?"
Panel: Betty Friedan - Author, The Feminine Mystique
Mary I. Bunting - President, Radcliffe College
Pauli Murray - Lawyer; Author, Jane Crow and the Law
Moderator: Professor Albert Sacks

Date: April 25, 1984
Title: "The ERA - Is There a Future?"
Speaker: Phyllis Schlafly
Introduction: Sylvia Law - Visiting Professor of Law, Harvard

Date: April 29, 1960 (3:00 p.m.)
Speaker: Walter P. Reuther - President, UAW; Vice-President, AFL-CIO
Moderator: John P. Dawson - Professor, Harvard Law School

Date: March 30, 1962
Speaker: James Hoffa - President, International Brotherhood of Teamsters
Panelists: John T. Dunlop - Chairman, Department of Economics, Harvard
John R. Meyer - Professor of Economics, Harvard
Moderator: Derek C. Bok - Professor, Harvard Law School

Date: April 28, 1961
Title: "The First Hundred Days"
Speaker: Barry Goldwater
Panel: Mark DeWolfe Howe - Professor, Harvard Law School
Seymour E. Harris - Professor of Economics, Harvard
Harold J. Berman - Professor, Harvard Law School
Moderator: Robert Baucher - Professor, Harvard Law School

Date: May 1, 1961
Title: "Unrest Within the Democratic Party"
Speaker: Eleanor Roosevelt
Panel: Patrick McDonough - President, Boston City Council
Robert C. Wood - Professor of Political Science, M.I.T.
Moderator: Erwin N. Griswold - Dean, Harvard Law School

Date: October 24, 1962
Title: "The Future of Integration"
Speaker: Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Panel: Mark DeWolfe Howe - Professor, Harvard Law School
Paul M. Bator - Professor of Law, Harvard Law School
Moderator: Paul A. Freund - Professor, Harvard Law School

*Update: Thanks to David Warrington, I had my image of Louis Jaffe in time for class. Here he is (left), with Paul Freund (center) and "Feller" (left). I assume the Feller in question is Abe, not Bob. The caption is "Three graduate students"--that is, at the Harvard Law School. It is dated 1931-32.

Image credit.